Who is Pan Yicheng?

[A poet at the piano...]

[His Rachmaninoff is really worth paying for...]

[Versatile, talented and multi-faceted]

Pan Yicheng Is Like No Other Pianist.

With a 13th interval hand-span on the piano, Pan explores his musical versatility through a varied and multi-faceted career. Having mastered an extensive repertoire of classical genre, he actively appears in concerts in the UK, Europe, and online platforms. As a creative artist, his musical interests range far beyond his background as a classical piano virtuoso – from J.S.Bach's Goldberg Variations to pop music; from chinese folk music to collaborative improvisation; from crossover music projects to inter-cultural fusions.

His Music Journey

Pan grew up in a music family in Beijing, trained at China Central Conservatory and UK's top conservatories to the highest degree in music. 


China Central Conservatory - HSGD

RCS Glasgow - BMus(Hons), MA.

RBC Birmingham - AD (Doctoral NQF L8)*

Funds/Scholarships awarded:

CCOM Beijing

ABRSM Scholar

RCS Fund Scholar

RBC Keyboard Fund

His piano teachers have included BAO Huiqiao, LAI Yuanpei, LI Qifang, Aaron Shorr, Petras Geniusas and John Thwaites.

Method of Work

Pan practices the piano only when he is inspired and concentrated, he believed that music making comes from 100% concentration. 

*National Qualification Framework, Level 8 Doctoral Degree,


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